Europe and Mediterranean: Transatlantic Cruise

Carnival Cruise Line

Back when ships were used less for cruising and more for traveling, the transatlantic was the big one, the sort of trip a person might take once in their life. Today, the transatlantic is less about passage than it is a rite of passage, a cool throwback voyage that travel enthusiasts should try at least once.

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Sailing Itinerary

Note: Cruise itineraries are subject to change. Please verify ports and times directly with the cruise line.

Day 1 Port of Call Barcelona Departure 5:00pm


Barcelona is a charming, cosmopolitan port on the shores of the Mediterranean sea. This prosperous and bilingual (Spanish and Catalan) metropolis measures up to a city such as Madrid: its museums, theaters, art galleries and nightlife area of an impressive high standard. Besides that, this art and design centre has a lot of interesting sights to offer to its visitors. The best place to watch people go by, to stroll or simply relax, is 'Las Ramblas', a pedestrian street with dozens of outdoor cafes. Here, you’ll find flower-stands, book kiosks and small market stalls where they sell birds and small animals. You’ll also find an endlessly fascinating flowing receptacle of pageant-jugglers, singers, dancers, puppeteers, sidewalk artists, living statues and assorted oddballs on parade. Nearby is 'Plaça Real', with plenty of bars and restaurants, and 'Palau Guell', built by the Catalan architectural genius Antoni Gaudi in his undulating art-nouveau style. After having seen these sights, stroll the narrow winding streets of the 'Barri Gotic', the medieval Gothic quarter full of interesting tapas bars and cafes. Check out Picasso’s old hangout, 'Els Quatre Gats', which has been renovated without losing its bohemian charm. Or head for the old Barceloneta section on the waterfront. This working-class area, which was always slightly rundown and scruffy-looking, is now packed with paella restaurants. The new beach area, which runs from Barceloneta to the Olympic village, is much cleaner than the old beach area. Although some people believe that it has been cleaned up considerably, it might be a wise idea to stay out of the water. Fortunately, the beach itself is already a feast for the eyes (and ears), with its huge and roaring waves.

Day 2 Cruising
Day 3 Port of Call Malaga Arrival 8:00am Departure 9:00pm


Malaga is the major coastal city of Andalucia and is a genuine and typical Andaluz city with a gritty individualism untouched by tourism and, to a large extent, the passage of time. The Moors occupied the city until the mid fifteenth century, after which it grew to become one of the foremost merchant centres in the entire Iberian Peninsula. This illustrious past has left its imprint on the historic centre, particularly around La Alcazaba, a fortress which dates back to 1065 and is now a fascinating archaeological museum. Also worth a visit is the nearby castle which was rebuilt by the Moors and is today a traditional parador (state hotel) with superb panoramic views. During the nineteenth century, Malaga was a popular winter resort for the wealthy famed for its elegance and sophistication. The impressive park on Calle Alameda dates back to this era and is recognised as being one of the mostcelebrated botanical collections in Europe. During the winter, open air concerts are held here every Sunday which makes a refreshing change from the bucket and spade scenario on the coast. Pablo Picasso is the city’s famous son (not counting Antonio Banderas of course!) and there are several galleries showing his work, including the 16th century Museum of Fine Arts, adjacent to the Cathedral His birthplace in Plaza Merced is today an archive of his life and works and open tothe public; the entrance is absolutely free (so are all the services: Documentation Centre, exhibitions, museum, video projections...) Málaga's main theatre is the "Theatro Cervantes" where Antonio Banderas once trod the boards. He still visits. As well as being a cultural centre, Malaga is also a great place to eat out. The Malaguen´os love their food and the bars and restaurants here are where the real social life takes place. The choice in unlimited and, on the whole, reasonable with some bars offering a menu of the day with bread and wine for as little as 700 pesetas. Tapas, small portions of many different dishes is an Andalusian tradition and a wonderfully inexpensive way to try a variety of local food. The best known local fare in Malaga is pescaito frito, an assortment of fried fish, including small sardines and red mullet, best washed down with a glass of ice cold fino at one of the many old fashioned bodegas in town. But it is El Palo, to the east of the city which is a typical fisherman’s village and the place to go if you want that veritable ‘catch of the day’ freshness. In the centre try a tapas and a glass of Malaga wine at Malaga's oldest tapas bar called "Antigua Casa de la Guardia". Keep to the north side of the Alameda and find no. 16. Malaga is always closed for the siesta period, so this is a perfect time for a long relaxing lunch. These days, Malaga prides itself on being a modern city with the heart of commerce dominated by Calle Larios which is the local Bond Street equivalent. This is the recommended place to start exploring the city as it is surrounded by attractive small streets and plazas, as well as the magnificent cathedral (Renaissance cathedral with a Baroque façade and choir by Pedro de Mena) which offers daily guided tours. Garden lovers won't be disappointed in Malaga either. In the centre of the city is the beautiful Alameda Gardens, and just outside on the way to Antequera one finds the extensive Jardines de la Concepcion. Málaga airport is of course on of the major airports in Spain due to the number of tourist arrivals on charter flights from Northern Europe using Malaga airport as a gateway to the Costa del Sol.

Day 4 Port of Call Gibraltar Arrival 7:00am Departure 3:30pm


Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory and headland, on Spain's south coast. It’s dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, a 426m-high limestone ridge. First settled by the Moors in the Middle Ages and later ruled by Spain, the outpost was ceded to the British in 1713. Layers of fortifications include the remains of a 14th-century Moorish Castle and the 18th century Great Siege Tunnels, which were expanded in WWII.

Day 5 Port of Call Lisbon Arrival 9:30am Departure 5:30pm


Lisbon is Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city. From imposing São Jorge Castle, the view encompasses the old city’s pastel-colored buildings, Tagus Estuary and Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. Nearby, the National Azulejo Museum displays 5 centuries of decorative ceramic tiles. Just outside Lisbon is a string of Atlantic beaches, from Cascais to Estoril.

Day 6 Cruising
Day 7 Port of Call Ponta Delgada Arrival 10:30am Departure 8:00pm


Ponta Delgada, capital of the Azores, is situated on the largest island, Sao Miguel, of the Azores. It has marvellous churches, some with fabulous Baroque interiors. Also palaces from the 17th and 18th centuries. Other places worth visiting are the Lagoa do Fogo and the village of Ribeira Grande, which has important architectonic features. Set within the confines of a wide inlet, Ponta Delgada is the tourist heart of São Miguel. Museums and monuments abound, and historic streets connect hotels, restaurants and shops. A marina harbours sailboats from Europe and America. And for those who enjoy entertainment after hours, the night brings with it a touch of animation.

Day 8 Cruising
Day 9 Cruising
Day 10 Cruising
Day 11 Cruising
Day 12 Cruising
Day 13 Cruising
Day 14 Port of Call Halifax Arrival 8:00am Departure 5:00pm


Halifax, an Atlantic Ocean port in eastern Canada, is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. A major business centre, it’s also known for its maritime history. The city’s dominated by the hilltop Citadel, a star-shaped fort completed in the 1850s. Waterfront warehouses known as the Historic Properties recall Halifax’s days as a trading hub for privateers, notably during the War of 1812.

Day 15 Cruising
Day 16 Port of Call New York City Arrival 8:00am


New York City (officially the City of New York) is the largest city in the United States and one of the world's major global cities. Located in the state of New York, the city has a population of over 8.1 million within an area of 321 square miles (approximately 830 square km), making it the most densely populated major city in North America. Its metropolitan area has a population of 18.7 million and is one of the largest urban areas in the world. New York City is an international center for business, finance, fashion, medicine, entertainment, media, and culture, with an extraordinary collection of museums, galleries, performance venues, media outlets, international corporations, and financial markets. The city is also home to the headquarters of the United Nations, and to many of the world's most famous skyscrapers. Popularly known as the "Big Apple", the "City That Never Sleeps", or the "Capital of the World", the city attracts large numbers of immigrants, as well as people from all over the United States who come for its culture, diversity, fast-paced lifestyle, cosmopolitanism, and economic opportunity. The city is also currently distinguished for having the lowest crime rate among major American cities.

Onboard the Carnival Venezia

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Join the Carnival Venezia and sail Carnival Fun Italian Style. Joining the Carnival fleet from her sister line, Costa Cruises, the Carnival Venezia is an all new onboard experience. The food, entertainment and service is typical Carnival, plus you can look forward to exclusive new experiences inspired by Costa’s Italian heritage.

Onboard Activities

Activities & Services (included in cruise)


  • Miniature Golf
  • Pool - Adults Only
  • Pool - Children's
  • Water Park Arena
  • Sports Court
  • Ropes Course
  • Waterworks
  • Kids' Clubs

Activities & Services (available for an extra fee)


  • Beauty Salon
  • Spa Services/Massage
  • Cloud 9 Salon and Spa
  • Serenity and Serenity Bar

Costco Travel makes every effort to verify the accuracy of all information provided. Additional fees for amenities or services may be charged by the cruise line. Amenities or services may be discontinued or revised by the cruise line without notice. Staterooms designated as wheelchair-accessible do not necessarily meet ADA requirements. Costco Travel is not responsible for inaccuracies or provider modifications.


Grand Canal Dining

Main Dining

Main Dining Room: Carnival's Main Dining Room brings you a full three-course menu in an experience that's satisfying, but never stuffy. Drop in nightly and enjoy a rotating menu of delectable favorites like steak, roasted duck, scallops, prime rib, and, of course, sinfully delicious desserts.


Specialty Dining

Bonsai Sushi: Dine amidst expertly pruned bonsai trees while enjoying sit-down service and an affordable menu of delectable catches, plus soups, sides, sakes, and desserts. This restaurant is available for an additional cost.

Bonsai Teppanyaki: It's a meal, a performance, and it's definitely unforgettable. The Bonsai Teppanyaki experience is set to delight guests aboard Carnival Celebration. Take a little time out of vacation to sit down to a selection of tempting appetizers, before the chef prepares a main course featuring selections of meats, tofu, fish, shrimp or lobster… right at your table. In the teppanyaki tradition — and Carnival's tradition of fun — expect an interactive, satisfying meal full of surprise and delicious delight. This restaurant is available for an additional cost.

JavaBlue Café: From the simply caffeinated to the simply sublime, nothing satisfies your coffee craving like JavaBlue Café, featuring fun twists on the hot and cold drinks you enjoy, plus a mouth-watering assortment of baked treats. This restaurant is available for an additional cost.

Steakhouse: The menu features premium cuts of beef cooked to your specifications, as well as a fantastic selection of seafood, entrées, gourmet appetizers and an extensive wine list. Like any destination restaurant, reservations for Steakhouse are highly recommended. Your meal includes an appetizer, salad, entrée, side and dessert. This restaurant is available for an additional cost.

Seafood Shack: A good seafood dish is quite the catch. How ever you like yours served — whether it's on a roll, in a salad or atop a platter — Seafood Shack's the place to cast your net. Imagine a New England-style seaside spot where you can take it all in, enjoying a great meal complete with a side of ocean view. This restaurant is available for an additional cost.

24-Hour Room Service: There's a menu of salads, sandwiches and sweet stuff — completely free — during the day, plus hot food options available for a small fee. Late-night menu options (after 10 p.m.) are also available for a small fee.

Lido Marketplace

Casual Dining

Lido Marketplace: Featuring an amazing variety of casual dining spots, each just a few flip-flopped steps from the last, Lido Marketplace always has a special something ready to satisfy your latest craving spectacularly. Here Carnival does it with dozens of what-to-eat options... great choices like BBQ, a deli counter, salad bar, an Asian station and a pasta bar... plus one spot where the chef serves up a different surprise daily! At Lido Marketplace, there's tons of indoor and outdoor seating made for gathering around, so you can enjoy your personal faves in your favorite company for lunch or dinner, or even breakfast! Lido's also where you can find soft serve, frozen yogurt and fresh pizza 24-hours a day.

Pizzeria del Capitano: Featuring piping hot slices right out of the oven, with your choice of toppings, Pizzeria del Capitano is the good kind of cheesy — the best reason to stop in for a taste of hand-tossed specialties made with fresh mozzarella. This place rolls out pizzas and Caesar salad 24 hours a day.

Guy's Burger Joint: Italian flavors and ingredients add new flavors to Guy Fieri's famous burgers. Along with classic American burgers and fries, new menu items will feature an Italian twist, such as a pepperoni pizza burger and the Big Mozz – a burger smothered in melted mozzarella cheese.

Tomodoro: Mexitalian fusion creations will feature ingredients such as Italian meatballs and Sicilian chicken alongside traditional Mexican tacos and burritos, for breakfast and lunch.

Times, costs and other specifics are outside the control of Costco Travel. All information is at the sole discretion of the cruise line and is subject to change without notice. Dining time and table size preferences are submitted to the cruise line on a first-come, first-served request basis and are confirmed aboard ship. Questions, concerns and/or special needs regarding dining arrangements must be addressed with the maitre d' hotel aboard ship. Every effort is made to accommodate travelers' preferences; however, Costco Travel cannot guarantee dining arrangements. In specialty restaurants, space is limited and reservations are recommended. A cover charge and dress code may apply.


An Interior stateroom is a comfortable retreat, featuring a full private bathroom. Some rooms also feature pull-down beds – ideal for families.

Interior Upper/Lower (Category: 1A)

Category: 1A

Interior (Category: 4A)

Category: 4A

Interior (Category: 4B)

Category: 4B

Interior (Category: 4C)

Category: 4C

Interior (Category: 4D)

Category: 4D

Interior (Category: 4E)

Category: 4E

Interior (Category: 4F)

Category: 4F

Interior (Category: 4G)

Category: 4G

Interior (Category: 4H)

Category: 4H

Interior (Category: 4I)

Category: 4I

Interior with Picture Window (Walkway View) (Category: 4J)

Category: 4J

Terrazza Interior (Category: TA)

Category: TA

Guarantee - Inside (Category: IS)

Category: IS
This category can be booked for a special rate, guaranteed to you. Please note that the category is not associated at the time of booking with a specific stateroom, deck, bedding configuration or other particular settings. The assignment of an actual cabin will be performed during your check-in. The cabin can be anywhere on the ship.

These rooms with a view let you sail along to beautiful destinations while gazing at the sort of vistas you simply won't find anywhere on land.

Ocean View (Category: 6A)

Category: 6A

Ocean View (Category: 6B)

Category: 6B

Deluxe Ocean View (Category: 6L)

Category: 6L

Deluxe Ocean View (Category: 6M)

Category: 6M

Guarantee - Oceanview (Category: OV)

Category: OV
This category can be booked for a special rate, guaranteed to you. Please note that the category is not associated at the time of booking with a specific stateroom, deck, bedding configuration or other particular settings. The assignment of an actual cabin will be performed during your check-in. The cabin can be anywhere on the ship.

Relax and admire the passing scenery from your stateroom’s private balcony.

Cove Balcony (Category: 7C)

Category: 7C

Balcony (Category: 8A)

Category: 8A

Balcony (Category: 8B)

Category: 8B

Balcony (Category: 8C)

Category: 8C

Balcony (Category: 8D)

Category: 8D

Balcony (Category: 8E)

Category: 8E

Balcony (Category: 8F)

Category: 8F

Balcony (Category: 8G)

Category: 8G

Balcony (Category: 8H)

Category: 8H

Aft-View Extended Balcony (Category: 8M)

Category: 8M

Premium Balcony (Category: 9B)

Category: 9B

Terrazza Cabana (Category: TE)

Category: TE

Terrazza Aft-View Extended Balcony (Category: TI)

Category: TI

Terrazza Premium Balcony (Category: TL)

Category: TL

Terrazza Premium Vista Balcony (Category: TM)

Category: TM

Guarantee - Balcony (Category: BL)

Category: BL
This category can be booked for a special rate, guaranteed to you. Please note that the category is not associated at the time of booking with a specific stateroom, deck, bedding configuration or other particular settings. The assignment of an actual cabin will be performed during your check-in. The cabin can be anywhere on the ship.

A spacious room, that includes priority check-in during embarkation.

Junior Suite (Category: JS)

Category: JS

Ocean Suite (Category: OS)

Category: OS

Deck Plan

Cruise Ship
Deck 15
Key to Symbols
2 twin beds (convert to king) and single sofa bed2 twin beds (convert to king) and single sofa bed
2 twin beds (convert to king) and 1 upper Pullman2 twin beds (convert to king) and 1 upper Pullman
King bed (does not convert to twin beds) and 1 upper PullmanKing bed (does not convert to twin beds) and 1 upper Pullman
2 twin beds (convert to king) and 2 upper Pullmans2 twin beds (convert to king) and 2 upper Pullmans
2 twin beds (convert to king), single sofa bed, and 1 upper Pullman2 twin beds (convert to king), single sofa bed, and 1 upper Pullman
2 twin beds (convert to king) and double sofa bed2 twin beds (convert to king) and double sofa bed
King bed does not convert to twin bedsKing bed does not convert to twin beds
Stateroom with 2 porthole windowsStateroom with 2 porthole windows
Connecting staterooms (ideal for families and groups of friends)Connecting staterooms (ideal for families and groups of friends)
Unisex wheelchair-accessible restroomUnisex wheelchair-accessible restroom
All accommodations are non-smokingAll accommodations are non-smoking

Ship Facts

Carnival Venezia ship image
  • Ship Name: Carnival Venezia
  • Year Built: 2019
  • Year Refurbished: 2022
  • Year Entered Present Fleet: 2022
  • Maximum Capacity: 5,113
  • Number of Passenger Decks: 15
  • Number of Crew: 1,424
  • Officers' Nationality: International
  • Ocean-View without Balcony: 246
  • Ocean-View with Balcony: 983
  • Total Inside Staterooms: 787
  • Tonnage (GRT): 135,300
  • Capacity Based on Double Occupancy: 4,072
  • Country of Registry: The Bahamas
  • Total Staterooms: 2,036
  • Suites with Balcony: 20
  • Crew/Hotel Staff Nationality: International
Costco Travel makes every effort to verify the accuracy of all information provided. Additional fees for amenities or services may be charged by the hotel, resort or cruise line. Amenities or services may be discontinued or revised by the provider without notice. Hotels, resorts, ships or accommodations designated as wheelchair-accessible do not necessarily meet ADA requirements. Costco Travel is not responsible for inaccuracies or provider modifications.

Available Dates & Prices

Departure Date

Inside Stateroom

Ocean View Stateroom

Balcony Stateroom

Suite Stateroom

Terms & Conditions

*Price shown is per person based on double occupancy and is valid for select stateroom categories only. Click on the Terms & Conditions link below for details.

†One Digital Costco Shop Card per room/stateroom, per stay. The exact amount of the Digital Costco Shop Card will be calculated during the booking process. The Digital Costco Shop Card promotion is nontransferable and may not be combined with any other promotion. A Digital Costco Shop Card will be emailed 1 to 4 weeks after your trip. Digital Costco Shop Cards are not redeemable for cash, except as required by law. Click on the Terms & Conditions link below for additional information.

Ship's registry: The Bahamas

    Package ID: CCLVENEUR20230529