North America: Beacons of Light Voyage

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Contrast the vibrant colors of the Eastern Seaboard, such as the vivid stained glass windows of Montreal's Notre-Dame Basilica and the swirling kaleidoscope of Van Gogh's Starry Night hanging in New York's Museum of Modern Art.

All-Inclusive Cruise

  • All onboard gratuities

  • Select complimentary shore excursions**

  • Unlimited beverages, including fine wines and premium spirits served throughout the ship

  • In-suite refrigerator replenished daily with soft drinks, beer and bottled water

  • 24-Hour room service

  • No charge for specialty restaurants

  • Welcome bottle of Champagne

  • $100 Shipboard credit (per suite)††

Executive Member Benefit

  • Executive Members receive an annual 2% Reward, up to $1,000, on qualified Costco Travel purchases

  • Executive Members receive an additional $100 shipboard credit (per suite, not combinable with certain past-guest discounts)††

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Sailing Itinerary

Note: Cruise itineraries are subject to change. Please verify ports and times directly with the cruise line.

Day 1 Port of Call Montreal Arrival 7:00am Departure 6:00pm


Culture is to Montreal what air is to all living things. In fact, most Montrealers don't distinguish culture from their daily existence. It's just there. As they live and breathe. Perhaps it's the effect of the majestic St. Lawrence River that leads to rich voyages of the imagination. Or maybe it's the French passion that has stimulated artists for centuries. Whatever it is, it has inspired such world-acclaimed artists as l'Orchestre symphonique under the baton of Charles Dutoit, the Grands Ballets Canadiens under the direction of Gradimir Pankov, novelists Michel Tremblay and Mordecai Richler, Céline Dion and the Cirque du Soleil. Painting and sculpture flourish here, too, in the great halls of Montréal's many prestigious museums, and hundreds of top-notch local galleries. And each year the Opéra de Montréal offers a complete roster of the greatest classics, while various theatre companies stage eclectic productions, from the works of Shakespeare to the latest in fringe. Then there's Ex-Centris, a revolutionary Cinema and New Media Complex where film buffs go to see the best independent films from around the world and the totally plugged-in get their technological thrills. A veritable hotbed of creativity for all the arts, Montréal has a special soft spot for contemporary dance. Ever since the pioneering Festival international de nouvelle danse was first held here in 1985, it has provided a stage for new aesthetics and has showcased radical experiments by the best and brightest choreographers and dancers in the world.

Day 2 Port of Call Quebec City Arrival 6:00am Departure 6:00pm


Quebec City sits on the Saint Lawrence River in Canada's mostly French-speaking Québec province. Dating to 1608, it has a fortified colonial core, Vieux-Québec and Place Royale, with stone buildings and narrow streets. This area is the site of the towering Château Frontenac Hotel and imposing Citadelle of Québec. The Petit Champlain district’s cobblestone streets are lined with bistros and boutiques.

Day 3 Port of Call Saguenay Arrival 7:00am Departure 4:00pm


Saguenay is a city in the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec, Canada, on the Saguenay River, about 200 kilometres north of Quebec City by overland route.

Day 4 Cruising
Day 5 Port of Call Corner Brook Arrival 9:00am Departure 5:00pm


The City is nestled among the folded and faulted Long Range Mountains, which are a continuation of the Appalachian Mountain belt, stretching up from Georgia in the southern United States. Set at the mouth of the Bay of Islands, the City is 40 km (25 miles) inland from the open waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The landscape of the Corner Brook region is rugged and the scenery is spectacular. The surrounding coastline holds magnificent fjords, jagged headlands, thickly forested areas and many offshore islands. Wildlife, forest and water mingle with the City's borders on all sides and mountains fill the horizon in all directions. The history of the Corner Brook region is long and diverse. For thousands of years, people have lived and worked along the shores of the Bay of Islands and in the Humber River Valley, including two aboriginal groups - the Maritime Archaic Indians and the Beothuk people. Theatre and art are alive in Corner Brook. Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador (TNL), one of the province's only professional theatre companies, maintains its home office in Corner Brook. The Arts and Culture Center sets the stage for visiting productions - ballet companies, comedians, theatrical productions and musical artists all make Corner Brook a stop on their Canadian tours. The visual arts are also thriving in Corner Brook. Painters, photographers and sculptors find inspiration in the landscape and culture of Corner Brook and a number of art galleries display and sell their work. Those interested in visual art can study at Memorial University of Newfoundland's Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, which has offered a Bachelor of Fine Arts program since 1988.

Day 6 Port of Call Sydney/Nova Scotia Arrival 8:00am Departure 5:00pm


Sydney is a harbour town on Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada. By the water, the Big Fiddle is a huge violin statue honouring local music. Wooden 18th-century buildings include the Cossit and Jost houses, now museums with period furniture. St. Patrick’s Church Museum showcases local history in an 1828 church. East, at Glace Bay, the Cape Breton Miners’ Museum explores the area’s coal-mining heritage.

Day 7 Port of Call Halifax Arrival 10:00am Departure 5:00pm


Halifax, an Atlantic Ocean port in eastern Canada, is the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. A major business centre, it’s also known for its maritime history. The city’s dominated by the hilltop Citadel, a star-shaped fort completed in the 1850s. Waterfront warehouses known as the Historic Properties recall Halifax’s days as a trading hub for privateers, notably during the War of 1812.

Day 8 Port of Call Saint John/New Brunswick Arrival 12:00pm Departure 9:00pm


Set along the coast of New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy, this oldest of Canada's cities has been welcoming people from Europe, England, and Ireland for centuries, each leaving their indelible imprint on Saint John's culture, architecture, and language. They are what make Saint John great, making you feel right at home with a jubilant love for their city! There are so many ways to enjoy this place that you just need to point yourself in any direction and go. Saint John is surrounded on three sides by beaches, and also has many lakes. Just about the whole year is festival season, so dust off your dancing shoes and tap your toes to the Acadian tunes that fill the air. With one hundred billion tons of seawater roaring in and out of the bay twice daily, you just know you're in for a seafood feast that's simply out of this world. Catch your own lobster, dig for clams for a clambake on the beach, and try some dulse, the world-famous purple seaweed dried to a crunchy snack! If buildings could talk, Saint John's would fill volumes. Over 200 years old, the streets are steeped in the history of this Maritime town and the best way to get a sense of this past is to tour uptown on foot. Then, without even leaving the city, you can segue from architecture to nature by visiting Rockwood Park and enjoying the wildlife at Irving Nature Park by the sea. The views will have you snapping your camera every minute!

Day 9 Port of Call Bar Harbor Arrival 8:00am Departure 6:00pm


Bar Harbor has as many facets as a diamond, each offering a wealth of experience that is just waiting to be enjoyed and explored by visitors to our town. Few realize it, but the town of Bar Harbor encompasses everything from the Trenton Bridge to Otter Creek, from the town pier to Town Hill. Bar Harbor is comprised of 28,800 beautiful acres, is 28 miles long from west to east, and enjoys a coastline roughly as long. That's a lot of space for the 4500 residents, and a lot of exploring for the visitor.

Day 10 Port of Call Boston Arrival 7:00am Departure 4:00pm


Genteel streets lined with elegant brick town houses, acres of public greens and gardens, more colleges than are found in many states, and a church on almost every corner: Boston serves up slices of history and culture at every turn. Savvy spin-doctors of centuries past have made the town that cradled independence our nation's history and myth capital. More than ever, America's mother city serves up the bold and new with the old and true -- reflecting skyscrapers mirror Colonial steeples, and expressways zip around buildings whose hand-etched look recalls the scrimshaw era. Few places in America display their history so lovingly. Like a multitiered wedding cake, the city of Boston consists of discrete layers. The deepest layer is the historical base, the place where musket-bearing revolutionaries vowed to hang together or hang separately. The next tier, a dense spread of Brahmin fortune and fortitude, might be labeled the Hub. The Hub saw only journalistic accuracy in the hometown slogan "the Athens of America" and felt only pride in the label "Banned in Boston." Over that lies Beantown, home to the Red Sox faithful and the raucous Bruins fans that crowd Boston Garden. This is the city whose ethnic loyalties -- Irish, Italian, Asian, and African-American -- account for its many distinct neighborhoods. Crowning these layers are the students who throng the city's universities and colleges every fall, infuriating not a few but pleasing the rest with their infusion of high spirits and dollars from home. The best part for a visitor is that Boston can be experienced within a day or two. This is a remarkably compact city, whose labyrinthine streets will delight the walker, although they can -- and often do -- push drivers over the edge. An hour's stroll will take you from sites in the North End -- where bewigged icons from dusty high school history books are transformed into flesh-and-blood heroes -- to Beacon Hill's mansions where the Lowells spoke only to the Cabots and the Cabots spoke only to God. You can explore the country's oldest public park, the Boston Common, in the morning, tour a Back Bay Victorian in the afternoon, and in the evening dine on Szechuan seafood in Chinatown or gnocchi in the North End. Even following the Freedom Trail -- a self-guiding walking tour of famous American historic sites -- traverses the layers: historical, Hub, and Beantown. Boston has been first too many times -- the first public library, the first public schools, and the first subway system -- to concede an inch of civic pride to bigger and bolder cities. It still sees itself as a pioneer in culture -- both popular and rarefied. In 1858, Oliver Wendell Holmes -- philosopher and author of The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table -- called Boston "the hub of the solar system"; social inflation, however, soon raised the ante to "hub of the universe." For Bostonians that still feels about right.

Day 11 Port of Call Newport/Rhode Island Arrival 11:00am Departure 6:00pm


Thirty miles south of Providence lies Newport, the fabled resort city of America's Cup yacht racing and magnificent Gilded Age mansions. At the turn of the 20th century, one needed a blue-blood pedigree and millions in the bank to be invited inside the palatial Bellevue Avenue dwellings owned by America's elite. Today, nearly one dozen of these remarkable "summer cottages" are open to the public for touring, and Newport itself has opened wide its gates to welcome all who desire a leisurely, fun-filled and enriching vacation. Though yachting and the Gilded Age made Newport world-famous, the city is also renowned for its delightful mix of Colonial heritage, beautiful beaches, lively waterfront and cultural attractions. Within the last decade, a rich and varied schedule of year-round festivals and happenings has helped Newport evolve from a summer vacation spot into a four-season destination. Classical, folk and jazz music festivals highlight the summer months, followed by "Harvest-by-the-Sea" in October, December's "Christmas in Newport" celebration and the "Newport Winter Festival" in February. Within Rhode Island accessing Newport via two bridges, traverse the brilliant blue of Narragansett Bay to arrive in legendary Newport, whose stunning coastline, glittering harbor and charming Colonial seaport have lured the world’s wealthiest people for more than 150 years. This is the home of fabled Gilded Age mansions, world-class yachting, renowned music and film festivals, fine dining, spirited nightlife and shopping galore. Newport is home to the International Tennis Hall of Fame and Museum, where the greatest players in the history of the sport are enshrined. One hundred years of America’s Cup yacht racing has left Newport with a legacy as the Sailing Capital of America. Sailing lessons, yachting charters and fishing trips are abundant here. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, Newport Harbor is packed with so many boats of all shapes and sizes, that it seems like they could be used as stepping stones to cross from one side to the other!

Day 12 Port of Call New York City Arrival 6:00am Departure 6:00pm


New York City (officially the City of New York) is the largest city in the United States and one of the world's major global cities. Located in the state of New York, the city has a population of over 8.1 million within an area of 321 square miles (approximately 830 square km), making it the most densely populated major city in North America. Its metropolitan area has a population of 18.7 million and is one of the largest urban areas in the world. New York City is an international center for business, finance, fashion, medicine, entertainment, media, and culture, with an extraordinary collection of museums, galleries, performance venues, media outlets, international corporations, and financial markets. The city is also home to the headquarters of the United Nations, and to many of the world's most famous skyscrapers. Popularly known as the "Big Apple", the "City That Never Sleeps", or the "Capital of the World", the city attracts large numbers of immigrants, as well as people from all over the United States who come for its culture, diversity, fast-paced lifestyle, cosmopolitanism, and economic opportunity. The city is also currently distinguished for having the lowest crime rate among major American cities.

Onboard the Seven Seas Mariner

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The world’s first all-suite, all-balcony ship, Seven Seas Mariner® features four gourmet restaurants with open seating. Hallmarks include generous amenities and a welcome spaciousness throughout the ship. Catering to only 700 pampered guests, her staff-to-guest ratio of 1 to 1.6 ensures the absolutely highest level of personal service.

Onboard Activities

Activities & Services (included in cruise)


  • Card Room
  • Casino
  • Disco/Nightclub
  • Movies
  • Fitness Center
  • Sauna/Steam Room
  • Educational Programs
  • Pool - Outdoor
  • Sports Facilities
  • Whirlpool/Jacuzzi
  • Bars/Lounges
  • Library
  • Wi-Fi
  • Organized Age Specific Activities
  • Teen Programs
  • Business Center
  • Concierge Desk
  • Dry Cleaning/ Laundry Service
  • Duty-Free Shops/Boutiques
  • Elevators

Activities & Services (available for an extra fee)

Full-Service Spa

  • Beauty Salon
  • Full-Service Spa
  • Babysitting
  • Infirmary/Medical Center

Costco Travel makes every effort to verify the accuracy of all information provided. Additional fees for amenities or services may be charged by the cruise line. Amenities or services may be discontinued or revised by the cruise line without notice. Staterooms designated as wheelchair-accessible do not necessarily meet ADA requirements. Costco Travel is not responsible for inaccuracies or provider modifications.


Compass Rose

Specialty Dining

Chartreuse: Featuring a classic French menu with a modern twist, Chartreuse evokes memories of a chic Parisian fine dining restaurant discovered during an evening stroll. Wherever you are seated in this regal restaurant, you will be treated to a succulent dinner while enjoying incredible ocean views. The restaurant ambiance is complemented by a menu that features dishes expertly prepared using both classic and modern techniques for a multiple course celebration of French gastronomy.

Compass Rose: Much thought was given to the design of Compass Rose, the flagship restaurant of Regent Seven Seas fleet. The dining room is outfitted with rich woods contrasted by light marble stones and mother of pearl shimmering brightly with an elegant color theme of light shades of blue, white, gold and silver. Compass Rose delights with a beautifully defined atmosphere and transitions from refreshing natural light during the day to a romantic ice blue lighting theme at night. This is the perfect setting for you to enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner, where the menu features an exceptional variety of Continental cuisine.

Prime 7: A true classic in every sense, Prime 7 sets a new standard in steakhouse fare with its contemporary interpretation of an American favorite. Handsomely decorated with supple leather wing-back chairs, burnished woods and rich earth-toned fabrics, Prime 7 exudes a distinct, intimate elegance. All the traditional starters are here, including Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Classic Steak Tartare, and Clam Chowder. Of course, beef is the undisputed star, and it is all USDA Prime and Dry-Aged at least 28 days to ensure the ultimate tenderness, juiciness and flavor. Prime New York Strip, Porterhouse Steak and succulent Filet Mignon only touch upon the selections. Mouthwatering alternatives include Alaskan King Crab Legs and Dover Sole. Prime 7 is open for dinner only and reservations are required.

Sette Mari at La Veranda: Each evening, La Veranda transforms into Sette Mari at La Veranda, a casual, intimate dining experience. Enjoy an extensive menu of authentic antipasti and Italian specialties served á la carte and paired with fine Italian wines — complimentary of course. Delectable dishes are prepared á la minute by talented chefs using only the freshest gourmet ingredients and served by attentive waiters. Sette Mari at La Veranda is open for dinner only.


Casual Dining

Coffee Connection: Your informal destination to relax, meet fellow guests and enjoy coffee and snacks throughout the day. While snacking, international newspapers and news magazines are available for your perusal.

La Veranda: Serving breakfast and lunch, La Veranda is exceedingly popular any time of the day. Spacious and comfortably casual, La Veranda offers regional specialties that often reflect the cuisines of the countries called on. Dishes are presented in a buffet style that displays the diversity of the menu. La Veranda also features an authentic pizzeria and a shaded, open-air veranda for dining al fresco.

Pool Grill: The Pool Grill is open-air, yet abundantly shaded for comfortable dining. Enjoy grilled-to-order burgers, grilled seafood, sandwiches, and fresh salads. Treat yourself to milkshakes and malts or an old-fashioned hand-dipped ice cream dessert sprinkled with all your favorite toppings.

Room Service: Complimentary 24-hour dining in the comfort of your stateroom.

Times, costs and other specifics are outside the control of Costco Travel. All information is at the sole discretion of the cruise line and is subject to change without notice. Dining time and table size preferences are submitted to the cruise line on a first-come, first-served request basis and are confirmed aboard ship. Questions, concerns and/or special needs regarding dining arrangements must be addressed with the maitre d' hotel aboard ship. Every effort is made to accommodate travelers' preferences; however, Costco Travel cannot guarantee dining arrangements. In specialty restaurants, space is limited and reservations are recommended. A cover charge and dress code may apply.


Features a European king-size bed, a sitting area, a marble bathroom, a walk-in closet and a balcony. Concierge Level is available.

Deluxe Suite (Category: H)

Category: H
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Deluxe Suite (Category: G)

Category: G
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Deluxe Suite (Category: F)

Category: F
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Spacious suites feature an in-suite iPad, daily canapés and upgraded bathroom amenities.

Penthouse Suite (Category: A)

Category: A
Penthouse Suite includes Butler Service; 449 sq.ft.; 376 sq.ft.; Balcony: 73 sq.ft.

Penthouse Suite (Category: B)

Category: B
Penthouse Suite includes Butler Service; 449 sq.ft.; 376 sq.ft.; Balcony: 73 sq.ft.

Penthouse Suite (Category: C)

Category: C
449 sq.ft.; 376 sq.ft.; Balcony: 73 sq.ft.

Concierge Suite (Category: D)

Category: D
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Concierge Suite (Category: E)

Category: E
Deluxe suite; 301 sq.ft.; 252 sq.ft.; Balcony: 49 sq.ft.

Master Suite (Category: MS)

Category: MS
2 bedrooms; Master Suites include Butler Service; 2002 sq.ft.; 1204 sq.ft.; Balcony: 727 sq.ft.

Grand Suite (Category: GS)

Category: GS
Butler service; 987 sq.ft.; 903 sq.ft.; Balcony: 84 sq.ft.

Mariner Suite (Category: MN)

Category: MN
Mariner Suites include Butler Service; 739 sq.ft.; 650 sq.ft.; Balcony: 89 sq.ft.

Seven Seas Suite (Category: SS)

Category: SS
Seven Seas (forward) Suites include Butler Service; 602 sq.ft.; 505 sq.ft.; Balcony: 97 sq.ft.

Horizon View Suite (Category: HS)

Category: HS
Butler service; 627 sq.ft.; 359 sq.ft.; Balcony: 268 sq.ft.

Deck Plan

Cruise Ship
Deck 12
Key to Symbols
Three guest capacity suite; convertible sofa bedThree guest capacity suite; convertible sofa bed
Wheelchair accessible suites have shower stall instead of bathtubWheelchair accessible suites have shower stall instead of bathtub
Bathroom features a glass-enclosed shower instead of a bathtubBathroom features a glass-enclosed shower instead of a bathtub
2-bedroom suite accommodates up to 6 guests2-bedroom suite accommodates up to 6 guests

Ship Facts

Seven Seas Mariner ship image
  • Ship Name: Seven Seas Mariner
  • Year Built: 2001
  • Year Refurbished: 2018
  • Year Entered Present Fleet: 2001
  • Ship Class: Mariner
  • Maximum Capacity: 700
  • Number of Passenger Decks: 8
  • Number of Crew: 445
  • Officers' Nationality: International
  • Tonnage (GRT): 48,075
  • Capacity Based on Double Occupancy: 700
  • Country of Registry: The Bahamas
  • Total Staterooms: 350
  • Suites with Balcony: 350
  • Crew/Hotel Staff Nationality: European/International
Costco Travel makes every effort to verify the accuracy of all information provided. Additional fees for amenities or services may be charged by the hotel, resort or cruise line. Amenities or services may be discontinued or revised by the provider without notice. Hotels, resorts, ships or accommodations designated as wheelchair-accessible do not necessarily meet ADA requirements. Costco Travel is not responsible for inaccuracies or provider modifications.

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Inside Stateroom

Ocean View Stateroom

Balcony Stateroom

Suite Stateroom



Departure Date - 10/20/2023

Inside Stateroom


Ocean View Stateroom


Balcony Stateroom


Suite Stateroom


Terms & Conditions

*Price shown is per person based on double occupancy, is valid for select stateroom categories only, and does include government taxes/fees and gratuities. Click on the Terms & Conditions link below for details.

**Select complimentary shore excursions are for full-fare guests only, capacity controlled and subject to availability. Shore excursion reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note, available excursions vary by sailing date and day of the week. Government fees and taxes are included. Requested excursions may not be available at time of booking. Supplement will apply on Regent Choice excursions and excludes Private Arrangements and all Adventures Ashore programs. Restrictions apply and penalties apply 36 hours prior to shore excursion start date.

††All shipboard credit is in U.S. dollars, is per stateroom based on double occupancy, has no cash value, is nontransferable and not redeemable for cash.

†One Digital Costco Shop Card per room/stateroom, per stay. The exact amount of the Digital Costco Shop Card will be calculated during the booking process. The Digital Costco Shop Card promotion is nontransferable and may not be combined with any other promotion. A Digital Costco Shop Card will arrive by email approximately 10 days after the start of your cruise. Click on the Terms & Conditions link below for additional information.

Ship's registry: The Bahamas

    Package ID: RSSMARNAM20231020