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Traveling to Puerto Rico is easier than you think. No passport is required for U.S. citizens. The strong and utterly resilient island of Puerto Rico is as historic as it is scenic. The island has an abundance of natural beauty and unspoiled landscapes. White-sand beaches meet jungle rainforests that extend inland towards the island mountains. Additionally, there are three bioluminescent bays on the island, an experience in and of itself as this phenomenon exists in just a handful of places worldwide.

Puerto Rico Hotels

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Dorado Beach, A Ritz-Carlton Reserveimage
El Conquistador Resortimage
Fairmont El San Juan Hotelimage
Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Ricoimage
San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casinoimage
Sheraton Puerto Rico Resort & Casinoimage
St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort, Puerto Ricoimage
The Royal Sonesta San Juanimage
Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Rainforest Beach & Golf Resortimage

More About Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is just a short plane ride from most east coast U.S. cities and is a popular destination for many reasons. For citizens of the United States, passports are not required to visit this island paradise. Additionally, Puerto Rico is a popular destination for cruise ships to make port as they sail around the Caribbean islands.

The Old San Juan district of the city is the historic colonial section and the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico. This district is a National Historic Landmark District and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Standing guard over the harbor entrance is Fort San Felipe del Morro, a towering presence that adds to the region's dramatic cliffside coastline.

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Before You Go

Airport Check-In: It is recommended that you reconfirm your flight information and check in for your flights at the airline’s website 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure. Please bring all your final documents with you. It is important to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior to departure for all domestic flights, and three hours prior to departure for international flights.

Required Documents: For Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, U.S. citizens must travel with a valid passport or other government-issued photo identification (such as an enhanced driver’s license). For all other islands, U.S. citizens must travel with a valid passport and a ticket for return or onward travel. There may be additional requirements for international travel, such as inoculations or visas, and some countries require that passports be valid for six months or longer beyond your stay in the country. Entry requirements for non-U.S. citizens might be different, and visitors are encouraged to verify the documentation/visa requirements with the nearest consulate or embassy. Rules are subject to change at any time, without notice. For the most current information, please visit the website of the U.S. Department of State at www.travel.state.gov.

Newlywed Information: Tickets and other travel documents must exactly match your current passport and other identification. If not, you could be denied boarding and no refund will be forthcoming. For requirements and information regarding marriages performed in a foreign country, please visit the consulate of the particular country.

Honeymoon Packages: Some hotels require you to present a marriage certificate or license for you to receive the honeymoon package. Please bring your marriage documentation with you if you are traveling on a honeymoon package.

Minors: If a minor (under 18) is traveling, please provide the appropriate travel documents for the trip. Review required documents here, https://www.dhs.gov/travel-overseas.

Luggage: Baggage allowances and fees vary by airline. For airline baggage fees and policies please visit https://www.costcotravel.com/Info/Airline-Baggage. If baggage fees do apply, this cost will be additional and must be paid directly to the airline.

Duty Free/Customs: When returning to the U.S., the duty-free allowance may vary by country. Please visit http://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens for information regarding U.S. Customs and more.

Travel Health Information: For the most current worldwide health information, consult your family physician or the official website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at www.cdc.gov/travel or by phone at 1-800-232-4636. You’ll find information on recent outbreaks, required vaccinations, insect protection, illness and injury abroad, and more.

General Safety Tips: By taking a few simple security precautions before and during your vacation, you can help ensure that you, your traveling companions, and your valuables are as safe and secure as possible.
  • To make it easier to replace your passport if it’s lost or stolen, in addition to your passport, take a photocopy of your passport information page (keeping it separate from your actual passport).
  • Carry only a limited amount of cash, just enough for gratuities and incidental purchases. Major credit cards are widely accepted and can be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Always lock your hotel room door (including patio and balcony door on any level of the building) and use the peephole before opening the door.
  • Store your valuables (such as cash, credit cards and airline tickets) in the hotel’s in-room safe or front desk safety deposit box.
  • If you must carry valuables on your person, do so in a pouch or money belt concealed under your clothing. Purses and backpacks can be easy targets for thieves.
  • For complete and current safety and security information, including travelers' tips, public announcements, travel advisories and more, please visit the website of the U.S. Department of State at www.travel.state.gov.

Average Fahrenheit Temperature:
  • December through February: 85° to 84° (Winter)
  • March through May: 85° to 87° (Spring)
  • June through August: 89° to 89° (Summer)
  • September through November: 89° to 86° (Autumn)

Tropical Storm Season from June to November

Water Safety: Bottled water is recommended.

Local Currency: U.S. Dollar

Currency Information: U.S. dollars and major credit cards are widely accepted.

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time. Puerto Rico does not observe daylight saving time.

Local Language: Spanish | English

Transportation: Public transportation and taxis are available.

Attire: Dress is informal but conservative. Casual wear is acceptable, except in certain hotels, restaurants, or nightclubs where a dress code is required - such as a jacket and tie, collared shirt, slacks, and closed-toe shoes for men; dresses, a blouse with nice shorts or skirt, and high heels/platforms, or nice sandals for women. Walking around the hotel or town in a t-shirt and shorts is okay, but beach attire is not appropriate to wear in town, casinos, churches, restaurants, and shops - away from the beach or pool area, you are expected to cover your bathing suit. In the more laid-back, remote areas, the dress code may be more flexible. During the day, it is warm to hot - clothes made of lightweight, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk are ideal. In the evenings, it tends to be cooler - you may want a jacket, sweater, long-sleeve top, or long trousers.


Sargassum/Seaweed Advisory

Sargassum is a free-floating seaweed that is especially prolific in the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico. While beneficial to ocean life, these large free-floating seaweed mats often wash up on beaches. The amount of seaweed on the beaches fluctuates based on the time of year and ocean currents. While resorts do their best to maintain the beaches for their guests, you may experience some inconvenience during your stay.

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Top Experiences

  • Baseball : The sport was one of the first to gain popularity in Puerto Rico and is just as impactful today, with many major league players hailing from the island.

  • Beaches : From tourist-filled to secluded stretches, there is a beachfront for surfers, sunbathers, and families alike.

  • Cuisine : Many outside influences have contributed to the unique flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine.

  • El Yunque National Forest : El Yunque is a stunning rain forest with bioluminescent waters in the island's central area.

  • Golf : Puerto Rico has more than 20 championship golf courses on the island.

  • Rum : Puerto Rico is one of the largest rum-producing nations in the world. As such, it is no surprise that the island is the birthplace of the iconic Pina Colada.

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