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The Eternal City

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Vacation in the world's greatest open-air museum, revisit the past as you tour the Colosseum, and marvel at the wonders in the Vatican Museum. Take your afternoon espresso in St. Peter's Square and don't forget to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain. Package all of this together with some gelato for the full Italian experience.

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More About Rome


Only in Rome can you sip cappuccino at a café in front of the Pantheon, buy grapes at a centuries-old market and have an audience with the pope — all in one morning. For a mix of spectacular art, grand history and exuberant street life, no other city comes close. It's no surprise that the food is rich and satisfying. Roman cooking is simple, rustic cuisine, perfected over centuries. Dishes rarely have more than a few ingredients, and meat and fish are most often roasted, baked, or grilled. And did we mention the nightlife? There's a bar for every taste in Rome, from wine bars catering to an eclectic crowd faithfully observing the Roman ritual of the evening aperitif to trendy dance clubs that don't get started until well after midnight.

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The main tourist season in Rome starts shortly before Easter (when the greatest number of visitors flock to the city) and runs through October. It's neither too hot nor too cold, there's usually plenty of sun, and the famous Roman sunsets are at their best. In July and August, come if you like, but learn to do as the Romans do — get up and out early, seek shady refuge from early-afternoon heat, take a nap if you can, resume activities in the late afternoon, and stay up late to enjoy the nighttime breeze. During August many shops and restaurants close, and on the August 15 holiday Rome is a ghost town. During the winter months, especially January through March, you have a better chance of getting into the major tourist attractions without having to wait in line.

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Top Experiences

  • Colosseum : This ancient stadium is an iconic landmark of Imperial Rome in the middle of the city. The largest amphitheater ever constructed and still standing today. It was used for public spectacles but fell out of use in Medieval times and has since been partially restored.

  • Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel : An immense collection of artworks that eventually lead into the Sistine Chapel. The chapel itself is not overly large and is famous for its ceiling painted by Michelangelo. Don’t forget to take a look into St. Peter’s Basilica which is right next door.

  • Crypts and Roman Catacombs : These are underground burial chambers of the first Christians created 2,000 years ago, surrounding the city. The tunnels are so extensive that a tour is recommended so you do not become lost.

  • Food : Cooking classes abound in this city, for you to try your favorite Italian foods such as pasta making, pizza and gelato. However, eating in the sidewalk cafes is just as pleasing if you prefer to leave the cooking to the professionals.

  • Villa Borghese Gallery and Gardens : This museum started life as a country villa house. The many sculptures by Bernini are a highlight. The gardens surrounding the building create the third largest public park in Rome.

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