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A remarkably charming and equally seductive city, Seville is Spain’s fourth largest city and the capital of Andalusia. Enjoy the company of friends, new and old, venturing from bar to bar for drinks and tapas, an essential part of the social culture. Seville is also rich in history and architecture. The Catedral de Santa María de la Sede (Seville Cathedral) is designated a UNESCO world heritage site and is the largest gothic cathedral in the world.

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Seville's whitewashed houses bright with bougainvillea, ocher-color palaces, and Baroque facades have long enchanted both sevillanos and travelers. It’s a city for the senses—the fragrance of orange blossom (orange trees line many streets) intoxicates the air in spring, the sound of flamenco echoes through the alleyways in Triana and Santa Cruz, and views of the great Guadalquivir River accompany you at every turn. This is also a fine city in its architecture and people—stroll down the swankier pedestrian shopping streets and you can't fail to notice just how good-looking everyone is. Aside from being blessed with even features and flashing dark eyes, sevillanos exude a cool sophistication that seems more Catalan than Andalusian.

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A week or more in Seville alone would be ideal, especially during the Semana Santa celebration, when the city becomes a giant street party. With more time on your hands, Cádiz, Jerez de la Frontera, and Sanlúcar de Barrameda form a three- or four-day jaunt through flamenco, sherry, Andalusian equestrian culture, and tapas emporiums.

The best months to go are October and November, and April and May. It's blisteringly hot in the summer. Autumn catches the cities going about their business, the temperatures are moderate, and you will rarely see a line form. December through March tends to be cool, uncrowded, and quiet, but come spring, it's fiesta time, with Seville's Semana Santa (Holy Week, between Palm Sunday and Easter) the most moving and multitudinous. April showcases whitewashed Andalusia at its floral best, every patio and facade covered with flowers from bougainvillea to honeysuckle.

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Top Experiences

  • Real Alcazar Palace : A UNESCO World Heritage site, shows the evolution of many influences upon the building of the city, including Arabic, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque eras.

  • Flamenco Shows : Flamenco dance originated in Southern Spain and there are many places to enjoy a performance depending on what you would like to experience.

  • Metropol Parasol : This giant art piece is made of wood and is meant to represent six connected parasols. But the shape and texture has earned it the nickname The Mushrooms. There is a small museum in the basement, and you can also walk on top of the structure for a unique view of the city.

  • Plaza de Espana : This is a fantastic place to stroll or take a carriage ride. The location has been utilized in several films over the years. Much of the architecture is meant to represent different regions and ancient kingdoms of Spain.

  • Seville Cathedral : One of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the world, it required over one hundred years of construction. The hand-carved altarpiece was the life’s work of a single craftsman.

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